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BrandMe Resume Services is an online-based company specialized in assisting individuals sculpt themselves to achieve optimal levels of personal marketing.

The people behind BrandMe Resume Services are people who understand the importance of strategizing professional documents such as resumes and cover letters to achieve optimal results within the job market. These experts assist clients with identifying and demonstrating their strengths within their resumes, especially when applying to companies that utilize software to identify industry keywords to narrow down their applicant pools. Professionals at BrandMe Resume Services possess insight about industry-specific formatting and keywords that can assist their clients' resumes to stand out from the crowd.  

Meet the BrandMe CEO

Sabrina began BrandMe Resume Services while obtaining her Business Undergraduate degree in 2009, assisting fellow classmates and residents of the local community sculpt their career documents ideally marketable to their specific fields and industries. She later obtained her Master's Degree in Human Resource Management to obtain expertise in providing transformational services to her clients while maintaining knowledge of private and public sector hiring practices. 

The #1 Question to my potential and current clients...

What does your resume say about you?